Campaign Traits

Standard Janitor Package

Janitors in The Warehouse are in fact SpecOps agents contracted in from any of a number of agencies around the world. As such, they all have the following traits as standard:
Extra Life (Special) 0
Security Clearance (“need to know”, broad) 10
Temporal Inertia 15
Shtick (your choice) 1
Computer Operation/9 IQ 1

Notable Traits

In the absence of a caption, traits listed below are of notable use in the campaign and are at least worthy of consideration.

Notable Advantages

Hard to Kill/Subdue: Allowed, but note that the overall tone of the campaign is one of disposable characters. If you’re trying to keep your character alive longer than is required to complete the assignment, you’re probably doing it wrong. Clones are cheaper than training.


Luck: Preferable to HtK/S. Why? It’s funnier.

Notable Skills

Neutralize/Psi Static: Psi will be the most common type of weirdness.

Serendipity: Amusing.

Signature Gear

Notable Skills

Diagnosis: “The flesh was stripped off this guy’s bones with acid…”




In GURPS, I hint that certain skills are necessary for adventurers, true action heroes or not, to keep the story flowing without annoying breaks caused by PCs being incompetent at tasks that adventure fiction commonly treats as “everyman” skills:

Carousing, Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, or Interrogation—Eventually, everybody wants to interrogate NPCs. I’m generous about what skills work, but some skill is required.

Climbing and Stealth—The party is only as good at these things as its worst party member, and nearly every party has to move around as a unit at some point.

First Aid—Effective bandaging isn’t an unskilled activity, AD&D notwithstanding. Non-action heroes often want to do this to “contribute” to party combat effectiveness, so they especially need this skill.

Gesture—Sooner or later, communication without making a sound will be vital to almost any party’s survival.

Observation, Scrounging, or Search—Noticing interesting things takes training, and finding clues and useful items is so central to adventures that no PC should lack at least basic training here.

Savoir-Faire or Streetwise—Everybody came from somewhere. It’s passing annoying when a player just assumes that her PC would “get on with folks in her element” without having any practical social skills to back up the assumption.

I further suggest - strongly - that action heroes have this list as well: Axe/Mace, Knife, or Staff—Wielding a stick, knife, or heavy tool to any real effect requires practice. These common improvised weapons are not idiot-proof, trivial, or safe to use without training.

Boxing, Brawling, or Karate—Fisticuffs are the worst place to be untrained. Your fists are the only weapons you always have, so learn to use them.

Forced Entry—No, it isn’t easy to kick in a door. Actually, unless you know how, you’ll hurt yourself.

Judo, Sumo Wrestling, or Wrestling—The number of people who think they should be able to grab others automatically is astounding. In fact, this is a difficult feat, trickier than hitting people, and absolutely requires training.

Throwing—Whether you’re tossing spare magazines to friends or grenades at enemies, this is a trained skill, so it pays to know it.

Campaign Traits

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